Extra Long Wheelbase E-Class Estate Spotted: Hearse or Binz Xtend?

This mystery Mercedes model was spotted just a few days ago in the Boblingen district, near Stuttgart, Germany. Apparently, the home of Mercedes is welcoming yet another member of the E-Class family. It's an extra long wheelbase version of the S212 E-Class Estate, the facelift 2014 model, not the old one.
E-Class hearse? 1 photo
Its wheelbase has been stretched by a significant margin, maybe more than two feet, not the usual 10 to 15 cm usually added to a long wheelbase car. DrGumoLunatic, who filmed this clip and sent it to us, suggests this is a hearse conversion, but we're not completely sold on that idea.

We did a quick check and most E-Class hearses out there have a taller roof in the bak. In addition, it's a little too long to be a hearse. Most are not long wheelbase cars because you don't need to use the rear seats any more.

There has, however, been one car that looked exactly like our mystery car. Back in 2011, the Binz Xtend was revealed at the Essen Motor Show, built by a coach company. It had its wheelbase extended by 795 mm (31.3 inches) over that of a regular E-Class wagon. This could just be a new version of that car.

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