Super Falcon 3S Personal Submarine
What’s the ultimate flex? Some would say it’s buying a Ferrari or Lamborghini. Others would say it’s all about timepieces and superyachts. Some folks, on the other hand, flex their financial standings with personal submarines. Heck, with price tags cruising in at a cool $2 million, a flex it is.

Explore the World In a Super Falcon 3S Luxury Personal Submarine: Costs Just $2 Million

Super Falcon 3S Personal Submarine SeatSuper Falcon 3S Personal SubmarineSuper Falcon 3S Personal SubmarineSuper Falcon 3S Personal Submarine (Four Seasons)Super Falcon 3S Personal SubmarineSuper Falcon 3S Personal SubmarineSuper Falcon 3S Personal SubmarineSuper Falcon 3S Personal SubmarineSuper Falcon 3S Personal Submarine
Folks, back in 2008, a team known as DeepFlight hit the market with watercraft meant as private ownership submarines. The first craft that was part of this upcoming family is known as the Super Falcon, a vessel that required little to no retrofitting in order to fit most modern yachts and superyachts.

With a focus on offering a genuine and unique experience, DeepFlight went forward with extensive research on how to make their submarines as safe, comfortable, and eco-friendly as possible. Today, three different craft are available on their website, and the freshest is the Super Falcon 3S.

As you may imagine, the 3S is based on a previous design, the Super Falcon, however, the main difference is that this submarine is meant to accommodate more than two guests, the limit of past DeepFlight subs.

Sure, being able to accommodate an extra occupant (total of three) is great and all, but what makes DeepFlight subs so special and sought-after is that they’re all completely electric, with the 3S being no different. Aboard the sub, an electric, brushless DC direct-drive propulsion system is in place. Running on lithium iron phosphate batteries, this system can crunch out a total of 14 kWh (18.7 hp) of power.

Super Falcon 3S Personal Submarine
While that may not seem like much, it isn’t, but it is enough to cruise around with a maximum speed of 4 knots (4.6 mph). Don't fret as this speed should be perfect for checking out local reefs and even safely maneuvering the vessel. Another reason behind the speed limit is that of keeping the local wildlife undisturbed.

If you're one of the lucky few in this world that so happens to have enough ka’ching to get themselves one of these puppies, don’t worry too much about learning to drive the sub as DeepFlight offers on-site pilot training, integration, and maintenance training.

If you’re still a little worried after your training, rest easy as a number of safety systems and features are in place. Emergency return-to-surface flotation devices, dynamic self-righting, and programmable depth protection are just a few of the systems meant to keep you and your friends safe.

With two independent oxygen systems and a life support system duration of 72 hours, if anything happens and you somehow get stranded on the seafloor, that’s more than enough time for a search and rescue party to fish you out of the waters, alive.

Super Falcon 3S Personal Submarine \(Four Seasons\)
Coming in with a length of 8 meters (26.2 feet), width of 3.3 meters (10.8 feet), and a weight of 3,400 kg (7,495 lbs), you may be able to tow this sucker behind one mean truck and hit up the local lakes, assuming local laws allow personal submarines on local bodies of water. With a load limit of 375 kg (826 lbs), guests will be able to ride around for up to 8 hours. Once drained, batteries are fully recharged in max 4 hours.

Now, I'm just going to go out there and assume that, like myself, you don’t have upwards of $2 million (€1.7 million at current exchange rats) to buy one of these babies. Luckily for us, some luxury hotel chains have jumped on the submarine bandwagon and have bought their own subs, offering them up for wild tours.

If you’re interested in such an experience, by clicking DeepFlight Adventures on the manufacturer’s website, you’ll be transported to the Four Seasons Resort in the Maldives, just one of the hotels that offer this service, where you can book a night for no less than $1,500, but at least there’s a personal submarine tour you can take.

Sure, you’ll pay a tad extra for the experience, but you may just walk away feeling it’s worth it. After all, I'm not so sure how long coral reefs are going to be around or how often you take a ride in a personal submarine. Better get to traveling while there’s still something to see.

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