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Explaining the Tesla Model X Falcon Wing Doors to a Non-Car Person May Hurt

Elon Musk is a smart man. The Silicon Valley player knew what he was doing when the Falcon Wing Doors of the Tesla Model X went into production.
Explaining the Tesla Model X Falcon Wing Doors to a Non-Car Person 1 photo
This feature is more or less a gimmick, but it all depends on where you're standing and we're not here to spark a debate. That's because we have better things to do. Things such as introducing you to a Falcon Wing Door challenge.

It's all simple, really: try to watch the footage below without playing the judgmental card.

The footage shows the owner of the third Model X in the world (we know, saying it like this makes it sound pretentious) to a non-car person who seems to be extremely determined to find out everything about these portals that allow access to the all-electric SUV.

Now, that non-car person happens to be a woman in her 20s, whose presence is not the kind you can go by. We're pretty sure that, from this point on, the action taking place in the video needs no explaining.

Even so, we can't help but throw one little spoiler at you and it all has to do with people's fear of getting hit by these doors. As those of you following the Tesla world know, the doors of the Model X are fitted with proximity sensors that are designed specifically for two reasons, namely to keep people from getting hit and to prevent a lawsuit that could affect Tesla's young business in multiple ways.

While the system has proven it can work well, we have to warn you: do not try to tempt it by using your glasses. The machine will have none of it, as you'll be able to see in the video.

P.S.: We simply couldn't invite you to watch the footage discussed above without adding the second video that can be found on this page. In a way, we tend to see this as the opposite of the clip you came here for.

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