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Exodigo's AI-Based 3D Imaging Tech Uses Drones to Explore the Underground in a Smarter Way

Underground mapping techniques are outdated and inaccurate, not to mention expensive, so there’s definitely room for improvement. Israel-based startup Exodigo aims to offer subsurface discovery solutions that are safer, more advanced, and nonintrusive, with the help of drones. And the $29 million it raised in seed funding will definitely set it on the right track.
Exodigo 3D subterranean mapping platform 7 photos
Exodigo subsurface 3D mapping platformExodigo subsurface 3D mapping platformExodigo subsurface 3D mapping platformExodigo subsurface 3D mapping platformExodigo subsurface 3D mapping platformExodigo subsurface 3D mapping platform
According to the company, over $100 billion are spent every year on excavation and drilling to find out what lies underground. These traditional methods used in the attempt to avoid hitting gas pipelines, oil, or water sources, are based on heavy tools and equipment that are anything but environmentally friendly. And even so, in addition to being costly, they still cause explosions, spills, and other problems.

Exodigo proposes a more affordable, smart, safe, and clean solution, using drones or small carts. Its platform uses sensors and AI (artificial intelligence) to provide 3D subsurface imaging, eliminating the need for exploratory excavation. Exodigo’s accurate technology is non-invasive and risk-free, while also providing necessary data faster, enabling smart drilling and avoiding unexpected consequences.

The advanced imaging platform has a variety of applications and can be used by constructions, mining and utility companies. It can detect buried objects at any scale or terrain, from man-mad pipes and cables to soil layers, rocks, minerals, and groundwater. It is suitable for use in both urban and rural environments. Exodigo’s method is like combining the scanning power of an MRI, CT scan, and ultrasound all into a single image of what’s beneath the ground, as explained by Jeremy Suard, the company’s CEO.

Exodigo managed to raise over $29 million in seed funding and plans to start pilot projects in California, Florida, and Texas, in the following weeks. It also plans to use the money to expand its business and put together a California-based team to support the product launch on the U.S. market.

You can find out more about the Exodigo imaging platform in the videos below.

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