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Exhaust of V10 Track Engine from BMW M5 Glows Purple

The 5.0-liter normally aspirated engine in the M5 might have been given away to the history books by BMW themselves, but that’s not the case if race applications are concerned. What we have here is a true monster of a V10 that’s been played with to produce a massive 720 horsepower and will be used in a Riley track day car, which is one of those closed cockpit prototypes that are as low off the ground as they can be.
Besides sounding like an F1 car now, which it probably could have been, the engineers at Dinan have fitted with an exhaust that turns purple with the scorching heat when it’s revved.

The V10 has also been given new bore and stroke, which has resulted in a displacement of 5.8 liters. But after hearing of the racing dry-sump oil system and the performance camshafts, all we can think about is that exhaust. We could be wrong and this might just be the camera playing jokes on us, but it’s still worth seeing purple headers.


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