Exagon Furtive e-GT to be Featured at Salute to Style in London

It’s been almost two years since we first laid our eyes on the French-made Furtive-eGT from Exagon Motors, and while we’re still waiting to check one of these bespoke, all-electric supercar out for ourselves, the car will be on display at the annual The Hurlington Club Salute to Style in London, which takes place next week from July 16-19.
Exagon Furtive e-GT 10 photos
Exagon Furtive e-GTExagon Furtive e-GTExagon Furtive e-GTExagon Furtive e-GTExagon Furtive e-GTExagon Furtive e-GTExagon Furtive e-GTExagon Furtive e-GTExagon Furtive e-GT
Each time we see this car, it only gets more attractive with elements that include sleek lines, expressive LED-accented headlights, unique C-pillar wings and a rear end that is vaguely reminiscent of the Porsche Carrera GT. Underneath that body is a carbon fiber monocoque, which weighs just 273 pounds. Exagon Motors claims that this is “the first monocoque light carbon four-seat body in the world.” These images do give us our first look inside the Exagon Furtive-eGT, which is a fine display of craftsmanship that provides a mix of garnet and tan leather accented by plenty of carbon fiber as well as a three-pod digital gauge cluster.

Powering the Exagon Furtive-eGT is a pair of electric motors powered by a 53 kWh lithium-ion battery helping to give the car an output of 400 bhp and 380 lb-ft of torque. Although it’s not clear what the Exagon Furtive-eGT’s curb weight is, the car is said to have a 0-62 mph time of just 3.5 seconds along with a top speed of 155 mph. Likewise, we heard in the past that this is a range-extended electric vehicle, but there is no word if this is still the case. As for range, we’ve previously heard that its driving range will vary from 248 miles at a constant speed of 31 mph to 122 miles at a speed of 81 mph.

In addition to the Exagon Furtive-eGT, some of the other vehicles that will be on display at the Salute to Style include a 1928 BMW R63 motorcycle, a 1972 Maserati Bora and an Aston Martin DBS used for the British television series The Persuaders! (which starred Roger Moore).

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