EVs Accounting for Only 0.2% of New Car Sales in France

Despite Renault being all for the development of EVs and getting them onto the market as quickly as possible, and their group partners, Nissan with their Leaf being already there, its a tad strange that electric is not yet in fashion in France.
Renault Zoe 1 photo
Photo: Renault
Maybe the French need some more incentive, or maybe they are just to attached to their (already very frugal) small hatchbacks, with small petrol or diesel engines. For example, on a market were gas-guzzlers are a regular thing, like the US, the shift towards EVs and hybrids is indeed necessary, but with France, the birthplace of the small, efficient hatchback, not so much. Most of these cars (Peugeot 208, the upcoming Clio with its 900cc turbo engine or the Citroen C3), will be (and are) more efficient than most hybrids on the market, by adopting a weight shedding philosophy and the natural improvement of internal combustion engines.

It’s no wonder then that, according to Bloomberg, EVs accounted for only 0.2% of the total car sales in France, with Renault-Nissan only shifting 1,594 units in April. However, it seems that it’s better than some US statistics, as only 17,000 EVs and range extenders (only cars in this category being the Chevy Volt and the Fisker Karma) - which equates to only one in 750 new cars sold in the US.

However, things may change for the French, with the soon-to-be-introduced all-electric Renault Zoe, which looks really good (important in France) and will get a maximum range of 150km (93miles), while costing around €16,500 ($20,700) with the French government grant of €5000 ($6,580) deducted from its original price. This may spark the change which will bring sales more towards the 5 - 10% of all new car sales in France, by 2020.
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