Every Sci-Fi Spaceship in One Image: Amazing Comparison Chart

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Photo: DirkLoechel
Science Fiction Spaceship Size Comparison
Although many of us find it insulting to go watch a movie or play a game that inaccurately depicts tiny plane-like spacecraft with artificial gravity or giant vessels passing by with a huge noise in the vacuum of the space, truth is we all like science fiction spaceships.
Some can be as little as a plane and get deployed from carriers bigger than the city you live in, but there are many others in between letting you wonder about their exact size.

Luckily enough, a talented and very patient graphic artist took the time to investigate and put together a huge spaceship size comparison chart containing almost every vessel from Star Wars and The Independence Day to EVE online and Warhammer 40.000. Just think of one and then start searching the 4,268 x 5,690-pixel rendering and there are high chances you’ll find it there.

Feel free to surprise yourself, though. We got a bit after discovering a Terran Battlecruiser is 910 meters, way smaller than the 2,500 meters District 9 Mothership, despite the fact that in the Starcraft II HOTS opening cinematic the Battlecruiser that was falling from the sky looked like a flying city.

Have you played Dead Space? Remember the USG Ishimura, the biggest planet cracker in its class? You spent hours making your way through its dark corridors and huge open reactor rooms. It even had a small rail network to facilitate moving from one section to another. You must have imagined the ship to be gianormus, yet it only has 1,600 meters in length.

The biggest thing in the picture is the City Destroyer Invasion Mothership from the Independence Day movie, which measures 24,000 meters in diameter. You might wonder where the planet-size Death Star from Star Wars is, but we should remind you that’s more of a space station than a space ship.

And speaking of space station, the real world International Space Station (ISS) has been included for size comparison too. Of course we won’t tell you where it is on the graph, so go find it yourself!
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