Every Inch of the Proudly American Mammoth Trailer Is Built With Aerospace Tech

While searching the world for fantastic mobile habitats, I happened to stumble upon a gem from right here in our own backyard, Mammoth Overland. But that's only half the story; the rest has to do with aerospace tech and design. So, strap in and hang on tight because this bugger may be going to the Moon.
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Photo: Mammoth Overland
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Folks, before you is a mobile habitat simply known as Mammoth, the flagship of a crew from right here in the U.S., Mammoth Overland (MO). If you've never heard of this crew from Washington, it's time to see just what can be achieved the moment an aerospace company applies the knowledge they have to the RV industry.

MO is a company started by an American aircraft manufacturer, Vashon Aircraft. This team was founded in 2012 to disrupt "the aviation status quo." This led to the presence of Vashon's Ranger R7, an aircraft meant as a solution to expensive air travel.

Now, take all that aircraft know-how and cram it into a mobile habitat meant to be all you need when living off-grid. If you haven't seen the images in the gallery, I recommend you do so as it'll help you better understand the habitat as a whole.

Mammoth Travel Trailer
Photo: Mammoth Overland
First of all, a standard Mammoth starts off with a price of 27,500 USD (24,234 EUR at current exchange rates), and it's what you'll be receiving for that price that really counts; everything else will be extra. One of the important aspects of Mammoth is how it's built.

As mentioned, aerospace techniques and materials are used to put together what you see. This means that one of the most common building materials for the shell would have to be aluminum. Looking closely at how all that aluminum is held together, I can't help but be reminded of the way space-destined vehicles look, with rivets everywhere.

While the exact composition and layout of the habitat aren't mentioned on the manufacturer's website, trade secrets and all, we can still tell that composite paneling is used inside the habitat.

Mammoth Travel Trailer
Photo: Mammoth Overland
One system MO does take time to define is the suspension system. Standard, your Mammoth will feature a Timbren 3500HD independent suspension and is equipped with 31 in BFG KO2 tires on 15 in steel wheels. Electric brakes ensure you can stop safely. Overall, you're looking at 19 in (48 cm) of ground clearance.

Inside the habitat, not much is spotted. However, that's just an illusion. There's a drop-down bunk that can be lowered and used as a worktable, too. Cupboards to store personnel are also in place. Aside from a mattress, that's about it for a standard interior. If you do want some other goodies, feel free to let MO know as they look like the sort of team that's up for hearing how you'd like to spend some more cash building your dream home.

Now, as bare and minimal as the interior may appear, back outside, the rest of the habitat really shows off what aerospace engineering can achieve. A few other features include a 100 Ah AGM battery, 1 kW inverter, solar hookup, LED lighting, and rock lights. Beyond that, Mammoth is equipped with 21 gallons (95 liters) of freshwater, on-demand hot water, and in particular, a "lavatory" with a privacy shelter and portable toilet.

Mammoth Travel Trailer Galley
Photo: Mammoth Overland
Finally, in true teardrop style, the galley is found at the rear. However, one difference that you may find in comparison to other habitats of this sort is that the galley is set up on a swinging mechanism and unfolds to the right when you need to cook.

It's here you'll find things like a two-burner stovetop, sink and faucet, and an electric cooler/fridge. Your countertop is the entire rear of the camper where the galley was initially nestled into. For everything else, there's VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, and probably even cryptocurrency, so do let MO know what else you need.

At the end of the day, after I added some optional features, I was still looking at a mobile habitat well under 35,000 USD. That's something to consider if you're looking for an accessible and able travel trailer for your 2022 summer.

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