Ever Had Something Stolen From Your Car? This Brings Vengeance to a New Level

We live in a world where people steal things, and it is a sad reality. Some thefts occur out of opportunity, as specialists describe them, and that means that the person who stole that item took it because it was easy to do so. In other cases, thieves destroy things to steal stuff. Mark Rober decided to teach them a lesson.
Thief breaking the rear window of a vehicle 8 photos
Photo: Screenshot from YouTube video by Mark Rober
Thief breaking the rear window of a vehicleThe mess left after a thief breaks a car windowThe mess left after a thief breaks a car windowThief breaking the rear window of a vehicleThief breaking the rear window of a vehicleDemonstration of Mark Rober's Gen-4 Glitter bombHandheld glass breaker with a built-in seatbelt cutter.
You may have heard his name before, as this is not the first time when he has employed his revenge on package thieves. This category usually targets porches, and they take packages that have been delivered without the recipient being at home when they arrived.

In some cases, those packages are insured, and the recipient will get a new package without added cost, but that is a rare and fortunate case.

Even if everything was insured and there is no material loss to the victims, that still does not justify theft. What is worse is that some of these thefts are simply another form of damage, such as broken windows, when it comes to vehicles. Moreover, the owner of the vehicle must then spend time making a complaint, as well as schedule a visit to a workshop to have the window replaced.

Meanwhile, thieves profit as they sell stolen goods wherever they can. Sadly, these thefts will not stop, but there are ways to protect yourself from them.

Mark Rober has gone a different route, and he devised the fourth generation of his “glitter bomb.” The latter is a device that mimics the package of an expensive item, but shoots glitter and films package thieves when they get hit by it.

In the video, you will get to see a package thief in action as he strikes a parked vehicle. It only takes seconds for them to strike, and it starts with a look through the window to see if there is anything that appears to be valuable left in the vehicle.

In the case of Mark Rober's vehicle, he left a backpack on the backseat, as well as a box that looks like one that contains an Xbox. The latter was not taken, as the thief preferred to snag a backpack. In this case, the contents of the backpack were valuable but could have been worthless if it had been empty.

What you can learn from this is to never leave things in your vehicle when you leave it parked. Do not leave a backpack or a purse on the backseat, even if all they have inside is your gym equipment. Thieves do not know what is inside the backpack, and your window might get smashed for a pair of sweatpants and a T-shirt.

As you can see, they break the rear window with a single blow, which leads us to believe that they used an emergency car window breaker and seat belt cutter tool. You should keep one of those in your car taped to the lower part of your seat to have a way to get out of your vehicle in the event of an accident.

In other words, the best way to prevent people from stealing things from your vehicle is to never leave anything inside the passenger compartment that did not come with the car. Having an insurance policy that covers theft will also prove handy, but prevention is better than treatment.

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