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Event 38 Adds the High-Security Ironclad Autopilot to Its E400 VTOL Mapping Drone

Ohio-based drone manufacturer Event 38 teamed up with tech company Asymmetric Technologies to upgrade its E400 fixed-wing mapping drone with the latter’s high-security Ironclad flight controller.
E400 Mapping Drone From Event 38 6 photos
E400 Mapping Drone From Event 38E400 Mapping Drone From Event 38E400 Mapping Drone From Event 38E400 Mapping Drone From Event 38E400 Mapping Drone Payload Bay
Ironclad is designed with advanced encryption and security features that meet the requirements of DoD (Department of Defense) users and is compatible with PX4 and Ardupilot. Those are among the most popular software programs for autopilots and flight controllers.

Asymmetric was looking for American-made UAS (unmanned aircraft systems) that it can use to showcase the capabilities of its Ironclad and has chosen Event 38 as its collaborator. Both partners agreed that the best drone to test the Ironclad on was the E400, which is the company’s first VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) model.

The fully automated mapping drone was launched last month and it is a fixed-wing aircraft with a carbon fiber body and an impressive flight time of 90 minutes. The E400 has a maximum payload capacity of 5 lb (2.2 kg) and a hot-swap bay that allows users to change the payload with ease, within just 30 seconds.

E400 has a wingspan of 118” (300 cm) and can fly at speed of 31 knots (35.6 mph/57 kph). It is available in two configurations, one with a standard GPS and the other one with a PPK GPS receiver on board. The mapping drone has a base price of $18,900.

Paired with Asymmetric’s Ironclad autopilot, the already competitive drone is now an even more valuable tool. Ironclad includes high-end encryption features such as initial user authentication, secure connection, and anti-tamper features. The latter can erase encryption keys in case of an emergency, if, for instance, the drone ends up in unfriendly territory.

Event 38 hopes that in the future, its E400 drone will be available as standard with Ironclad. Meanwhile, those who are interested in the fixed-wing VTOL aircraft can find out more about it on the manufacturer’s website.

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