Even More Waze Problems Hitting Android Auto After the Latest Major Update

The most recent version of Waze for Android and Android Auto introduced a highly anticipated GPS fix for a bug that was reported by users after updating their devices to the latest version of the operating system in September.
Waze for Android 1 photo
And while some say that the GPS freezing problem is gone, users are now reporting other glitches on Android Auto, and of course, the only option they have right now is to wait for another fix.

First and foremost, there are users who claim that after updating Waze, the app just wants to run the initial setup experience once again, despite all user settings still there.

When I got home, I checked my phone and there was a message stating I needed to set up Waze, so I checked and my account was still there and correct. Dunno what it wanted me to set up,” one user explains in a review on the Google Play Store page of Waze.

Whenever I connect to my Android Auto they keep prompting me that I have not set up the app and kept asking me to ‘set-up’ before I could use. After going through the ‘set-up’ all my previous settings were gone and have to go through all the ‘set-up’ and settings every single time I connect to my car,” someone else adds.

Then, there are users who claim that the GPS issue is still there even after the update to version, which was specifically supposed to address it. This seems to happen both on Android and Android Auto, despite the location permissions configured correctly.

Others reveal that the app crashes or fails to connect to the network when using a mobile connection after installing the latest version that shipped earlier this week.

All of a sudden it decided to not connect to network when on a mobile connection. Every other app connects, Waze doesn't,” one user explains.

The only good news here is that users hitting such issues on Android and Android Auto can always downgrade to an earlier version of the app. You can find the previous Waze builds on this page.


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