EVE Online Player Sets New Guinness World Record for Visiting All Star Systems

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Photo: CCP
Katia Sae's AsteroKatia Sae's MaledictionKatia Sae's RaptorKatia Sae's monumentKatia Sae's monument
EVE Online seems to be the perfect game to play if you’re aiming for a Guinness World Record. The spacefaring MMO holds quite a few records for engaging activities such as the costliest videogame battle, but also for more peaceful ones like exploration.
A few days ago, EVE Online’s developers revealed that one of its players achieved a new Guinness World Record that’s partly related to another one established three years ago by Katia Sae. According to CCP, player George Onderdijk aka Henrique Arnolles is the new Guinness World Record holder for the fastest time taken to reach each of the 7,805 accessible star systems in EVE.

More importantly, Henrique managed to visit all the game’s star systems in just 224 days, a very impressive achievement. He started his adventure on February 1, 2021, touring every High and Lowsec by February 6, visiting every Nullsec system by 15th, and reaching his final target system in Anoikis (wormhole space) on September 13, 2021. Did I mention that throughout his endeavor, Henrique didn’t lose a single ship?

I am a completionist and when Katia Sae (holder of the record for the first person to explore all systems) set out an event to celebrate their achievement in-game, I took part in it and also wanted to explore all of EVE Online. I was inspired by the achievement and dreamt about experiencing comparable adventures. EVE Online offers a nice environment for explorers, PvPers or anything else you want to do. So, I wanted to do this epic thing and, in the end, achieved my own record for what I didn't think was possible to repeat,” said George.

This is the second Guinness World Record related to exploration that an EVE player achieves. On March 9, 2019, Ethan Richards, aka Katia Sae, became the first person to explore all reachable star systems in EVE Online: 5,201 systems across New Eden and another 2,604 in the wormhole space, for a combined 7,805 systems visited and documented, without losing a single ship in combat throughout the journey.

Katia Sae's monument
Photo: CCP
Unlike Henrique, who started his adventure less than a year ago, Katia Sae’s journey took nearly 10 years, as her journey began on December 1, 2009. Even so, Katia remains the Guinness World Record holder for being the first person who visited all EVE’s star systems.

For EVE players who don’t know yet, Katia Sae’s epic journey has been memorialized with a steel monument in the Saisio system. If you’re around, make sure to check out the Achura Stargazers Society’s Monument dedicated to Katia Sae.

And a couple of interesting facts about Katia Sae’s journey in case you’re interested and wish to recreate the adventure, or maybe help make your own. Although she started flying a Condor, Katia finished visiting the Empire’s systems (Highsec and Lowsec) in an Astero. She then switched to a Tengu, a very hard-to-catch ship, which got her through all Nullsec systems without losing a ship. For details on the fittings for these ships, check out Katia’s blog.

Because of its size, Tengu wasn’t a good fit for wormhole space exploration, so Katia added a Raptor to her fleet. Specifically fitted for wormhole exploration, the Raptor got Katia through most of Anoikis systems, but for the last part, she replaced the Raptor with a Malediction.

Katia Sae's Astero
Photo: Katia Sae
Katia and Henrique both received a little bit of help to achieve their goals from members of the Signal Cartel corporation. After visiting more than 400 wormhole systems in the first two weeks, Henrique’s journey became harder because he needed to land in specific systems, so Signal Cartel members who tended rescue caches pinged him every time they entered a system that Henrique hadn’t visited yet.

Since it has become a tradition for EVE players to aim for these monumental goals, CCP announced it has designed a new process through which any future claims to this particular Guinness World Record can be quickly verified.

For more details about Henrique’s journey, make sure to listen to him on Talking in Stations, joined by Katia Sae, CCP Paragon, CCP Goat, and CCP Swift.

I’ve wandered the stars and now, at last, count my soul among them.” – Katia Sae, Stargazer

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