EVE Online Kicks Off Blood Raider Seasonal Event, Reap Amazing Rewards Until November 9

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Photo: CCP
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With just a few days left until Halloween, EVE Online is kicking off the Blood Raider seasonal event, so starting today, both alpha and omega players are in for some amazing rewards. The seasonal event will run until November 9, and besides the usual daily login rewards, CCP also included a special Proving Ground event, increased PvP loot drops, special offers on PLEX and Omega time, as well as a new Crimson Harvest event.
CCP is now offering nine days of daily login rewards as part of the Halloween-themed event, in addition to the standard daily login rewards. To start the Crimson Harvest event, players must choose which side to support in the Agency section for the event: the Order of St. Tetrimon, an Amarr religious order dedicated to the preservation of the scriptures of the faith, or the Blood Raiders, the most dangerous pirate faction in New Eden.

During the event, combat and hacking sites for both sides of the conflict will appear in Highsec, Lowsec, Nullsec, and Wormhole systems, with the advanced sites spawning in Lowsec systems within the Derelik region, as well as within Blood Raider-controlled systems in Delve.

Depending on what faction you decide to support, you’ll receive unique sets of challenges and rewards for one of the two paths. Of course, each side also offers unique rewards for completing those challenges.

Some of the combat sites available during the Halloween-themed event might require better ships like a battlecruiser, so they might not be meant for new players, but there are a bunch of other activities more than suitable for alpha players.

EVE Online artwork
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Also, if you’re a completely new player, stick to Highsec if you’re not using an exploration ship, in which case you can definitely adventure into Wormhole space for this particular event.

EVE Online players who are hard on PvP will be happy to know that during the event, PvP kills are expected to drop loot and an increased rate, averaging at 90%. The pumpkin wrecks are making a comeback too.

Starting October 29 and until November 2, a new 4-player free-for-all Destroyer Proving Ground will be running in celebration of the Crimson Harvest, with an arena effect providing an increase to Stasis Webifier range, Nosferatu and Energy Neutralizer strength, and Laser turret damage.

The following destroyers will be allowed to participate in the tournament: Coercer, Dragoon, Cormorant, Corax, Catalyst, Algos, Thrasher, and Talwar-class destroyers. Moreover, modules will be limited to meta level 5, while pirate implants will be restricted.

EVE Online artwork
Photo: CCP
And for those who’d like to buy PLEX or top up their Omega time, CCP is running a sale right now where you can save 15% on just about everything. To make it even more appealing, each 240, 500, 2860, and 743 PLEX package purchased during the event will come with a free Deathglow Hunters skin. We should add that this particular skin will only be available for free with PLEX until November 3, not until the end of the Blood Raider seasonal event, which is scheduled to end on November 9.

Speaking of skins, the Malagrin Marshlight skin series is making a comeback, too, with added availability on eight additional hulls. The same goes for the Headhunter skins, which are meant to offer players a wider range of spooky aspects to display while they’re flying across the cluster.

We’re not sure CCP will add any other events or rewards as part of the Halloween celebration, but if it does, they probably won’t be just important as the ones announced today. Old timers will probably find that these aren’t really enough, but we can never have enough skins. While ships lost are lost forever, a skin remains to live another day.
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