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Eve Is One Step Closer to Launch an Air Taxi Network in Brazil, Prepares for Simulations

Embraer-owned Eve Air Mobility announced plans to begin an Urban Air Mobility (UAM) simulation in Brazil. The company will connect one of the most developed places in the country, Barra da Tijuca, to the Rio de Janeiro International Airport for proof of concept operations. The initiative, which will use a helicopter, is paving the way for Eve's future electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft (eVTOL) network.
Eve Air Mobility announces Urban Air Mobility simulations in Brazil 6 photos
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Earlier this year, Eve received an order of 50 eVTOLs from Helisul Aviation, one of the largest helicopter operators in Latin America. At the time, the two companies also shared their plans of a mobility project, which included a proof of concept operation that uses helicopters to test and confirm parameters that will be applied to future VTOL operations.

Helisul will put these concepts into motion in Brazil by using the existing air mobility infrastructure. The partnership between Eve and the operator aims to create new services and procedures that, in collaboration with communities and other industry players, can create a safe, scalable, and accessible operating environment for eVTOLs.

Eve says that the evaluation of the whole UAM system and the main aspects concerning future operations will take place over the course of a month. Every day, six flights are scheduled to be conducted. The simulation will use pricing that is similar to the one expected for air taxis in the future.

"Eve's human-centered approach to development seeks practical validation of concepts and assumptions that will help us understand and address the key challenges associated with delivering the service," says André Stein, Eve's CEO.

The company's urban air mobility simulation in Rio de Janeiro is set to start on November 9th.

Eve's eVTOL, which is expected to hit the market in 2026, will be all-electric, focusing on passengers. The company didn't reveal much about its aircraft, but it promises to deliver sustainable and comfortable trips with low noise levels. To date, the air taxi has reached several milestones, including the first flight of the engineering simulator, which took place last summer, and a proof concept in 2020.

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