Europe Might Make eCall Emergency Systems Mandatory on Bikes

Rumors in the industry claim that "eCall" systems could become mandatory, lest the vehicles will not receive the homologation needed for sale and legal operation on EU countries.
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The eCall system is currently being developed in multiple countries around the world, by safety companies and institutes, as well as by motorcycle manufacturers.

Such devices and technologies are part of a bigger effort to curb fatalities and severe injuries which tend to quickly develop complications after not being treated in time.

The Euopean authorities claim that a fully-functional, wide-scale eCall system, could reduce the severity of transportation-related injuries by 10 to 15 percent, with further savings in both human suffering and medical costs.

While the cost increases are acknowledged by the European Union, it is explained that the benefits are significantly larger.

Spain is the first country which started implementing the eCall system in motorcycles. A collaboration with the CEIT (Centro de Estudios e Investigaciones Técnicas de Guipúzcoa), the manufacturers of NZI helmets.

10 bikes are already testing the system, with sensors installed on both motorcycles and the helmets. By analyzing the deceleration information, the eCall system can determine whether an accident occurred, and makes the call to 112 (EU equivalent of 911).

Obviously, the tested system can tell an accident from a simple helmet dropped on the ground or a bike flipped in the parking lot.

Localization services allow the medical teams to reach the crash site faster, by choosing the best routes, and being able to provide critical aid quicker.

In the medical world, accidents have the so-called “golden hour” period, a time fame in which the medical aid is most valuable and can prevent fatalities and aggravated injuries.

NZI is also experimenting with algorithms which can also convey information on the severity of the crash.

So far, only 0.4% of the total vehicles in Europe have a similar system installed, with the number of motorcycles being yet unknown, and most likely extremely close to zero.

Still, some of the names in the industry have already implemented their own similar safety systems, Schuberth Rider eCall being only one of them.

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