Update: Euro-spec Civic Type R Hot Hatch Spotted in Ohio

Yep, it's happening, Americans are going to get a hot hatch from Honda. No, it's not another silly Civic Si, hopelessly outgunned by Ford, but a Civic Type R monster that's probably going to murder the Nurburgring front-wheel drive record.
Civic Type R Prototype in Ohio 5 photos
Honda Civic Type R in OhioHonda Civic Type R in OhioHonda Civic Type R in OhioHonda Civic Type R in Ohio
The US-bound Civic Type R rumor has been around for quite some time. We reported it from a Spanish source last year and other publications just said the 2-liter turbo is coming to an existing US model.

But somebody in Ohio has spotted a Civic Type R prototype testing on the road. It looks 100% European, not an Si Coupe or some such engine swap nonsense. Ohio is Honda's home away from home and also the place where they will assemble 2-liter turbo engines for US models like the Accord. But what about the 5-door chassis, which is only made in Swindon, UK?

Remember, this isn't some Japanese import. The Civic hatch has been designed, engineered and built in Britain for the past two generations, so it's more like a Ford Cosworth than a Mugen.

We'd love to see this car on US roads. It would give both the VW Golf R and the Ford Focus ST a run for their money. Honda has been very open about targeting the Nurburgring production record for front-wheel drive cars, which is currently held by the Renault Megane RS 275 Trophy-R. To do that, fully adjustable suspension, an aggressive body kit and upwards of 280 horsepower will be put into that camouflaged body you see in the photo.

These pictures popped up on the late last week. From LED taillights to massive rear wing, it's identical to ones currently testing in Europe and our $30,000 is on this pocket rocket landing in dealerships towards the end of 2015.

Update: Editor Sergio Cabrera from contacted me to say he believes these photos were actually taken in Sweden, where the Type R is undergoing winter testing. He's probably right, since they can be traced back to a Facebook post by GT Board. However, other sources we've looked at state there have been previous sightings of the car in Ohio. We'll just to wait until more definitive proof will be available, maybe a video or two. If you live in Ohio, keep your cameras close.


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