EU Now Requiring Tire Manufacturers to Grade Traction from A to G

As of November, the European Union has made it a requirement for tire manufacturers to now label their tires according to the traction they provide on wet roads, as well as their effect on a car’s fuel efficiency. They will be graded from A to G.
Tires 1 photo
The measure was thought up by the EU in order to hold back the relentless entry of Asian tire manufacturers onto the European market, as their products are usually much cheaper than the European-made tires, while at the same time offering inferior performance in every measurable way. Some people do not take this into account when buying new rubber for their car, but the quality of tires varies greatly, and you have to know a thing or two, in order to buy the correct ones.

Labeling will also make its way into the US, where tires will be labeled for fuel efficiency, wet traction and tread wear, as of 2013.


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