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EU Commission Report Says Volkswagen Broke Consumer Laws In 20 Countries

Volkswagen’s Dieselgate scandal continues, as a report from the European Commission concluded that the German automaker had breached consumer laws in 20 EU countries.
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While the officials of the EU Commission have refused to disclose their findings, the Germans at Die Welt managed to talk to their sources within the institution, whp provided them with the figures presented above. No sanctioning plan has been devised so far for the corporation.

Meanwhile, on the official side of things, Vera Jurova, the EU Consumer Commissioner, stated that Volkswagen’s emissions scandal is a “pan-European” challenge, and that her colleagues are currently investigated where two sets of rules that apply across the EU have been broken.

The two sets of rules that apply across the European Union and that might have been broken in the process of Volkswagen’s emissions cheating scheme are called the Consumer Sales and Guarantees Directive, and the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive.

The first forbids companies to use “exaggerated environmental claims in sales pitches,” while the other is almost self-explanatory.

Vera Jurova, the European representative mentioned above, will meet with consumer associations this Thursday. A meeting with national protection agencies is also scheduled, on September 29, 2016, as well as an appointment with Volkswagen’s representatives. Following these talks, the EU official should be able to propose a reasonable penalty for Volkswagen.

At the same time, the German company should also have a presentation on the matter, along with a few propositions. While European customers will not get the benefits offered to their American counterparts, it would be nice for Volkswagen to provide some compensation to customers for their troubles. The nature of the said compensation does not have to be financial, if you ask us.

It is worth noting that Vera Jurova is not the first EU representative to point the finger at Volkswagen for treating its American customers differently than the ones on its home continent. Elzbieta Bienkowska, the EU Industry Commissioner, has also asked the German corporation to reconsider its position on the matter.


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