Escaped Camel Running Down the Motorway Seems Normal in Abu Dhabi

There you are, cruising down the motorway in Abu Dhabi, probably wondering how it is possible to be this hot on planet Earth. Suddenly, a camel comes out of nowhere and can be seen running between the lanes.
Escaped Camel Running Down the Motorway Seems Normal in Abu Dhabi 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from Youtube
We're not making things up and to prove it, we have a video shot about two weeks ago in the United Arab Emirates. What's funny is that even though the hoofed animal is keeping up with traffic, there's a person right behind it. Can people really do 30 km/h in those white robes and sandals? Cold this guy be the next Usain Bolt?

This is probably not the first camel to escape onto the motorway in the Emirates. The internet is filled with such incidents, but none of them have a man chasing on foot. From what we understand, these humped animals are treasured, and some examples can cost more than a supercar.

We wonder what is going through the head of the man chasing the camel. Does he not know the animal can run several miles before running out of breath? Is it a really expensive one used for racing? (yes, camel racing exists)

The British animal protection agencies have specific procedures for rescuing foxes, badgers or hedgehogs. So we wonder if there is a special truck they use to recover camels on highways in the UAE.

In 2014, Google extended its panoramic Street View service by attaching the camera to a camel and sending it into the Liwa desert in Abu Dhabi. Few men have ever ventured into these kinds of territories, which proves they still have a purpose, even in the 21st century.

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