EPA Rates Tesla Model S at 89 MPGe

With one day left to go before the official launch of the Tesla Model S, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has rated the eagerly anticipated EV. The numbers are from the top-spec car, equipped with the largest, 85 kWh battery pack.
Model S Charging 1 photo
The car has been rated at 89MPGe (equivalent to 2.6 l/100km), meaning that the car can travel 89 miles (142 Km) on the equivalent energy stored in one gallon of gasoline. Why don’t they just invent something new, like miles/kW or something people can fathom. However, since all EVs are currently rated like this, they can be easily compared.

The Model S’ 89 MPGe put it ahead of the Coda Sedan (73 MPGe), but behind the Nissan Leaf (99 MPGe), Ford Focus Electric (105 MPGe) and the Mitsubishi iMiEV (112 MPGe). However, the Tesla is by far the most powerful car of the bunch, with as much as 350 hp.

Its range has also been rated, and the car with the largest battery pack can easily top 424 Km (265 miles), setting it comfortably ahead of anything else on the market. In fact, we’ve got nothing to compare it to, and we may have to wait a while before anything matching it comes along, as nothing of the sort is currently planned.

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