Entrada RVs Call Upon the Powers of Ford To Create America's Next Top Motorhome

The world of RVing is a massive place full of countless designs. Hence, it helps to stay in touch with the latest models and news. This next one is from one of the greats, East to West RV, a branch of Forest River, and the machine in question is their Class C Entrada motorhome.
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You may have heard of the Entrada whispered in the news lately, especially since East to West is still busy pushing out new units left and right. One you may have read about on our site is the Entrada 2900DS, the freshest floorplan, but this time around, we'll be checking out the things that make this entire class precisely what it is.

Now, Forest River is one of those conglomerates of companies all hailing from the U.S., and with that, expect to see an RV that screams American living, and in truth, the Entrada, although a Spanish word, is using a very American brand as the chassis and engine works of these beasts, none other than Ford. But, depending on the floorplan you chose for your future adventures, you can access a rolling cave with wheelbases ranging from 158 inches (401 centimeters) to 220 inches (559 centimeters), or overall lengths of 23.8 feet (7.3 meters) all the way up to 32.5 feet (9.9 meters).

More than enough mobile habitat to keep extended families nice and happy no matter where in the world they're traveling through. Judging by the layout of some units, the 2900DS and 3100FB, eight people or more can be accommodated at night. Finally, all but one floorplan include slide-outs, so what you see on the road isn't the final form of the Entrada, except the 2700N design.

Well, by now, you have some idea of what's in store for future owners of an Entrada, but what you may still need to learn about is the sort of lifestyle you'll be able to access. So, to help bring you up to speed, let's take a short imaginary trip through a life lived out of this human-sized turtle shell. To make things easier to understand, let me use the 3100FB as the base of our lifestyle.

Entrada RV 3100FB
Photo: East to West RV
I want you to imagine that the in-laws are in town for a few days, and in your family, everybody seems to get along just fine. Having purchased an Entrada for the 2023 season, you come up with the idea that you should all take a few-day trip out of town. Destination? Who cares? With everyone in agreement and an extended weekend coming up, things are set.

Now, your family is big, so some of your guests will be taking a ride in the Ford cab, while others will spread throughout the unit. Just make sure everyone has a seatbelt while on the road. After driving for a few hours, you finally arrive at that X on your map, and it's time to unravel the slide-outs this bugger has in store. At the press of a button, the entire port wall extends outwards, taking a dresser, wardrobe, bunks beds, and a kitchen and dinette along with it.

With this action, floorspace is ample enough for a quick jig with your spouse, if desired. If you haven't viewed the image gallery just yet, find the ones labeled with 3100FB and tell me what you think. Come to think of it, check out all the other floorplans too. You may very well find that it's the smaller RVs that best fit your needs.

Yet, it doesn't really matter what habitat you choose; all include a cab-over bedding, modular dinette, a bedroom with walk-around and a queen bed, as well as bathrooms that showcase everything you need to stay clean and, how do I say this, lighter, maybe loosened up? Yeah, both of those phrases ought to describe your mornings. If you happen to go for the larger units, more beds are included, typically bunks, and spaces are clearly larger and can accommodate the gear and goods bigger families require.

Entrada RV 2900DS
Photo: East to West RV
But RVs aren't just about the sort of life you can lead inside; they're about the blend between interior living and the wilderness outside. So, once you've hooked up your mobile home to shore power – maybe you've dropped the extra bucks and have a solid solar setup – unloaded goods, and prepared your campsite, it's time to really take in the natural world.

Since crews like East to West allow interested buyers to customize their units, you could very well deck out your Ford-hauled RV with things like roof racks for kayaks and bike mounts at the rear for those that like to explore places where four-wheelers can't. Since the in-laws are along for the ride this time around, they can just kick back while you and the family are out gathering pinecones or whatever you folks have on the itinerary.

With bones aching from a day of exploration or because you've been sitting in a lounge chair, the evening closes with a fire plastering your dancing shadows onto the exterior of the Entrada and you showing everyone how to make s'mores. Sounds like one heck of a way to make some memories.

The question remains about how much you may need to dish out to get your hands on any of the floorplans available for the new year. Well, it all depends on your local dealer and the features inside your RV, but prices range from around $70K (€64,500 at current exchange rates) for the most negligible layout and up to $100K ((€92,200) or more for the largest rolling cave. An offer worth considering, if you ask me.
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Editor's note: Images in the gallery showcase an array of Entrada floorplans and features.

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