Enthusiastic Harley-Davidson Employee Helps First-Time Bike Owner Feel Special, Goes Viral

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Harley-Davidson motorcycles are not cheap. For many Americans and other people in this world, buying one is a real effort. It’s also something that can constitute a beautiful, memorable experience. However, some employees at a dealership found a way to make this entire thing feel even more special.
Right now, prices for a brand-new Harley-Davidson start from around $17,300 for a Pan America 1250 and can climb up to nearly $30,000 for a Road Glide ST. Buying a new motorcycle manufactured by the 120-year-old brand is not cheap. However, you know that you’re gaining access to a community that’s filled with passionate people. Most of these riders love freedom, know what the bike maker stands for, and treat each other like good friends or even family.

But for some fans out there, buying a Harley-Davidson is a dream that may have been postponed throughout the years. Life may often throw other, more important things in your way. So, if you had to deal with situations or people that demanded your undivided attention, then a motorcycle would have never had any kind of priority.

However, life goes on. Things can improve, and the lucky ones out there can eventually find their way back to something they truly desired at one point but could not get. And here's a great example.

Fortunately, some truly passionate people do not lose their determination and keep dreaming about that special moment. For those among us that are lucky or very good at planning things out, these specific wishes may come true at some point. That may be what happened in this case.

A couple was waiting to take delivery of their first-ever Harley-Davidson at this dealership in Fishers, Indiana. Introduced on social media as Danny and Mary by the selling party, they were ready to ride home on a 2019 Tri-Glide. This 100 rear-wheel horsepower motor trike can comfortably accommodate two people and their luggage. It also provides better traction and improved on-road stability. The Tri-Glide is, therefore, a great option for longer trips.

But as the couple entered the dealership and was ready to take delivery of their first-ever Harley-Davidson, the employees decided to help them remember this moment forever. One of the people involved in this little surprise made sure everyone inside the building was listening and started shouting about what motorcycle the customers were getting, while another employee held a bell and invited the owner to ring it. Now that’s a momentous occasion celebrated the right way!

As the cameraman inches closer to the couple, the man can be seen shedding tears of joy.

But not everyone agreed this was a well-thought-out surprise. Social media users shared jokes about what happened at the dealership and even claimed that the motor trike buyer “rang the bell so no one could hear what he was getting.” Unfortunately, it’s pretty well known by now that some people abuse anonymity on the internet and try to be negative about almost anything.

At the end of the day, one thing’s for sure – they will not forget this moment. The Harley-Davidson family gained two new riders and it’s amazing to watch people finally fulfilling at least one of their lifelong dreams.

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