Enraged Bison Ramming a Car Makes You Think of Matthew McConaughey’s Ad

Raged Bison Ramming Car Makes You Think of Matthew McConaughey’s Ad 1 photo
Photo: Blairin Lee on YouTube
Lincoln has walked a long way from last year’s MKC ads starring Matthew McConaughey and so did the actor himself who meanwhile starred in one of the most epic science fiction movies ever directed, Interstellar. Maybe this is the reason why seeing this bison ramming in a car reminds us of the Oscar winner’s most bizarre highlight of Lincoln’s batch when facing off with a 1,800-pound bull.
Yes, we know we’re looking at two different animals, no matter if both are pretty big fellows with horns. But just think about it, the Interstellar star sort of had a point in last year’s ad, when he’d call Cyrus - the bull’s name - as an animal that does whatever the heck he wants. After all, McConaughey eventually decides to turn his car around and head back the way he came. “Thank you, Cyrus,” he then says.

Yet the peculiar YouTube video in question is not about any celebrity doing an auto commercial for a luxury carmaker. No, this is what the dash camera of a couple’s car filmed as they would visit Yellowstone National Park recently. As the car is waiting in anticipation for the herd of three bisons to pass them by, the unwanted happens. One of the massive galloping beasts ends up hitting the car.

“Don’t run into our car”

Now, luckily nobody got hurt after the men-versus-nature event, which is why it’s safe to say the filmmaker’s exclamation is simply hilarious.

The man reacts almost instinctive and goes “Don’t run into our car” just as the bison crashes into it. Speaking about the incident the man later declared “It was fortunate that the car was turned off, since a head-on collision with a 2,000-pounds bison moving at 10mph would likely cause the airbags to deploy.”

Well, we could’t agree more.

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