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Enough Room to Play Hide and Seek In – The Bunducamp ¾ Ton Truck Slide-In Camper
Why are truck campers so popular? Simple, because most people own a truck, at least it seems that way. Once you have that, for some extra bucks you can transform your ¾ ton truck into a getaway home.

Enough Room to Play Hide and Seek In – The Bunducamp ¾ Ton Truck Slide-In Camper

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Folks, back in 2013, a company named BunduTecUSA saw its first appearance on the market. Even though this company has been around for a seemingly short amount of time, its founder, Rory Willett already comes from a family with over 40 years of experience. After retiring as president of Northstar Campers, Mr. Willett took that experience and started Bundutec.

To get an idea of what this team is all about, I've chosen one of their products to bring to light, the Bunducamp. With this sort of name, you can expect this slide-in camper to brandish exactly what this team is all about.

Just to get a clear idea, the base price for this camper is $28,663. For that cash you’ll get a ¾ ton truck camper that’s suitable for 6.5-foot (1.98-meter) and 8-foot beds (2.43-meter). Overall, you’re looking at a camper with a length of 164 in (416 cm), width of 84 in (213 cm), and open interior height of 80 in (203 cm). Add on 36 gallons (136 liters) of freshwater, 17 gallons (64 liters) of greywater, and a waste cassette of 4.75 gallons (18 liters), and you're set for two, possibly three guests.

Standard features you’ll find show that Bundutec knows what your needs may be. Because the camper includes a lifting top, four electric roof jacks are in place to get things ready for sleep whenever you are. Hidden underneath this pop-up top is a queen-sized memory foam mattress. It's possible to sleep another person spread out on the dinettes, but you’ll have to fasten something to put between them and then lay some sort of top down.

For electrical needs, the Bunducamp is wired for a Zamp portable solar charger, includes a 25-amp converter, and G27 lead/acid battery with tray. A voltmeter is in place to help you keep track of what’s happening with your system. 30-amp power cord and adapter, USB and 12-volt outlets, and GFCI protected outlets complete the electrical systems. If you do want to expand a little bit, and your pockets allow, you can throw on a larger converter and even up to a 340-watt solar kit.

Other features and amenities aren’t missing either. A 4.3 cu-ft fridge, stainless steel sink and two-burner stove, both with glass tops (as an option) to maximize countertop space, and even options for an entertainment center are available in this seemingly small space. For toiletries, a bathroom area includes a toilet, and even room for a sink and faucet. Although, it looks like showers will be taken outside.

Plenty of storage is also something that I must tell you about as it’s one of the first features that popped into view once I saw the interior. Drawer after drawer, cabinet after cabinet, overhead space after overhead space, storage is everywhere, even under the bed.

With aluminum siding, and a fiberglass over cab nose, it looks like you’ll need a heating and cooling system. A Truma Combi Eco water heater and furnace should do just fine. There's also a MaxxAir roof vent for ventilation and keeping things fresh.

I mentioned that Bundutec offers some options to take your trip to the next level, so here are a few. You already know about the upgraded solar pack, but you can also add an air conditioner, wireless exterior jacks, and 3 kW inverter, maybe an insulated skylight.

Awnings and the such are suitable for just about any Bundutec model, so why bother telling you about an 8-foot (2.43-meter) awning, or even a roof ladder. Those fly as options without saying. However, it would also seem that an interior shower can be included in your model, it’s just that the manufacturer’s website doesn’t to mention this, but they’re video presentation does include one.

Now I'm not saying that the Bunducamp is the last camper you’ll ever want, but for the price it comes in at, the features it includes, and even options, it worth considering, possibly even setting as a baseline for other outdoorsy campers.

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