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Energica Ego Crosses the Pond, Arrives in the US for Test Rides

After exceptionally successful test ride events staged in both its native Italy and in southern Germany, it’s now time for the CRP Energica superbike to cross the Atlantic and hope for the same warm welcome on North American ground, as well.
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Energica EgoEnergica Ego
The Energica Ego will make its debut in San Francisco, on July 16, at the Wingtip Club. Two days after revealing its edgy lines to the Californian audience, the riders who have booked test rides will be able to take the bike for an urban spin in Frisco. The 20th of July will see the Energica Ego rolling for the first time even on the streets of Los Angeles, for a similar event.

Since it looks like Califonia and New York are the most active states in the US as far as electrical mobility is concerned, it was only natural that an official launch event was scheduled for the Big Apple area. Press conferences and test rides are scheduled to kick off starting July 30 in Bear Mountain region.

It looks like the US is considered one of the main markets for the Energica Ego electric superbike, as similar machines are starting to sell really well in this part of the world. Even more, the charging stations network is much denser than in Europe, with the rather limited possibility to conveniently recharge electric vehicles being one of the EU markets’ drawbacks.

CRP’s Energica Ego is capable of producing 136 electrifying horsepower, with a 195Nm (144 lb-ft) torque available on spot, thanks to its direct drive, single-speed transmission. The 240 km/h (149 mph) top speed is far from what bikes such as Lightning can provide, but the Italian EV will be marketed as a street motorcycle, and it looks like having more than enough nerve about it to be thrilling, to say the least. It needs less than 3 seconds to do 62 mph (100 km/h) and its Ohlins suspensions and Brembo brakes should provide even the most discerning riders with a blast of a ride.

If you haven’t booked a test ride with Energica, head over to their website and do so, before the event is “sold out”, like it was in Germany.


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