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Renault Gains Exclusive Rights to Build Cars in Algeria from 2014 to 2017

Renault has just announced that it has signed an exclusivity agreement with the Algerian government, to be the only automaker to make cars in the country, between 2014 and 2017, at an all-new plant.
2013 Renault Symbol 1 photo
They will build a Renault-badged version of the new Dacia Logan, called the Symbol, at a new plant which is set to be built near the port of Oran, at Oued Tielad. In choosing this location, Renault has assured that all the cars made at the new plant will be easily transportable to the local port, and from there they will be transported by sea and road to emerging markets in Europe and Asia.

Initial production will be 25,000 vehicles per year, and the plant has a theoretical maximum production capacity of 75,000 units each year. However, despite being positioned close to the port, most cars will stay in Algeria, a country where around 400,000 new cars are sold each year.

Apparently, export will be taken into consideration, but only after the demands of the local market have been met. However, since this is basically a rebadged version of the Dacia Logan, it won`t need to be exported on too many other markets, as the Dacia-branded car will take its place.

Keep in mind that the old Turkish-built Symbol was a Clio Mk2 based sedan, so this new Dacia-based model has become irrelevant on many markets where the Logan is available for purchase.


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