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Emotional Rider Safety Campaign Debuts in Canada

Two new emotional videos surfaced recently as part of a new road safety campaign carried out in Canada by the SAAQ, which is short for Société de l'assurance automobile québécoise or Quebec Auto Insurance Company.
Take your time to think about the ones who love you and who may be counting on you to grow up 1 photo
The new campaign is targeting motorcycle riders in an attempt to raise awareness about the dangers they face on two wheels every day. One of the neat changes in the approach to such campaigns sees the riders as casual motorists, without discriminating them and without casting a bad light on them, as it was the case in the past.

Now, these new videos look like they are only a part of a bigger endeavor, so don't be hasty in thinking they indicate that riders are the only cause of their crashes.

It's just the fact that these two particular videos are aimed at motorcycle riders directly, trying to convince them to take whatever precautions they can to make it safely back home.

We don't have statistical data telling us how many motorcycle accidents are caused by riders as opposed to the number of crashes caused by drivers, but the message, in this case, is clear: do the best you can to stay out of trouble.

The first video shows a lady who prepares to put on the helmet (I see what you did there, SAAQ) and sees the face of her boyfriend in the lid. He tells her that he has made up his mind and wants to live with her/marry her.

The other video is somewhat similar, showing a man preparing to take off from his garage. The image of his son appears in his helmet, telling him that he will be waiting for him to return.

SAAQ's message could not be clearer: take your time to think about the ones who love you and who may be counting on you to grow up, and be careful. We like these vids, and we hope that SAAQ makes some neat ones targeting drivers as well.

Oh, and yes, both riders HAVE their gloves with them, check out the moment when they approach the bikes...

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