Elon Musk Wins Google War with Kim Kardashian

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Elon Musk vs Kim KardashianElon Musk vs Donald Trump
Forget about putting a vehicle into space or launching the world's most powerful rocket in use, the greatest achievement of SpaceX's event from last week was to make Elon Musk's name more googled than Kim Kardashian's - even if for the briefest of times.
Despite his fizzy personality and his undeniable popularity inside the automotive world (even though not everybody thinks highly of him, they all know who he is), Musk wasn't such a trending search on Google. People were much more interested in all sorts of recipes, advice on how to remove pet hair from clothes, and stuff like that.

It all changed on the eve of the Falcon Heavy launch on February 6, last week, when Elon Musk spiked through the roof on Google's graph, enough to give him a lead on average over the past seven days on celebrities with a much wider public.

One such good example is Kim Kardashian, a name you hear very often whether you care about the shallow world of celebrities or not. You may not know what she did to become a star, but you're probably aware of the fact she's married to Kanye West - which sort of explains a few things.

During the past week, the Google graph shows Kim only managed to beat Elon Musk on two lonely occasions, with the Tesla Inc. and SpaceX CEO sitting well above for most of the time. The tendency, however, is for Musk to return to his usual Google-trending status, so the wonder is likely to be short-lived.

The regional spread shows that Mexico was among the few countries to ignore Musk during this period, putting the Central American country in the not so flattering company of Venezuela, Columbia, Kenya, Nigeria, and Iran, among a few others.

But it wasn't just the most famous of Kardashians that fell prey to Musk's stunt. President Donald Trump also found himself trailing, but only when using the full name. However, even Musk had to admit to an overwhelming defeat when compared to the "Olympics." Well, you can't beat all of them.

Elon Musk vs Kim Kardashian
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