Elon Musk Will Personally Conduct Job Interviews with Software Programmers for Tesla’s Autopilot

Yes, Tesla Motors is hiring. Yes, Elon Musk tweeted the announcement some hours ago. And yes, the Tesla's CEO will conduct the job interviews in person. The premium EV maker is about three years away from allowing its cars to drive themselves, but that period could shrink if the team working on the Autopilot system is getting bigger, faster.
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There have been countless YouTube videos of ignorant drivers putting their lives in danger because of the new Autopilot software update. But the lack of reason of some Tesla Model S owners does not automatically turn the semi-autonomous feature into a failure. On the contrary, it’s part of the new wave of automotive technology, it’s the natural next step to take.

Google’s self-driving cars may have already covered over 1 million autonomous miles, but the premium EV maker is not wasting any time, it plans to catch up. Elon Musk is a busy man, but he said it himself, Autopilot is a super high priority, which is why the CEO will be handling interviews himself.

Then, there is the fact candidates do not need prior experience with cars, as long as they are “hardcore software engineers.” If you’re among those interested in the job, you should know that along with the new software - which is a milestone in the development of self-driving Teslas - the company is also integrating a mapping system that is growing and learning by itself.

Perhaps this is why Tesla needs more people; after all, Google’s significant advantage over all the other self-driving car players is Google Maps. If you want a machine to find its own way to town, it needs the best maps available on the market.

Meanwhile, until the Autopilot software is safe enough, Musk already announced the company would cut drivers’ access to its full features.

The question is, do you have what it takes?

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