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Elon Musk to Get into the Tunnel Digging Business. No, Really

If you have a problem that needs solving, the best way to get it done with the least amount of effort is to find a way to get Elon Musk involved. If he thinks it's a problem too, he won't be able to sleep until he finds a way to solve it.
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Well, at least that's what his latest message on Twitter would have you believe. Trapped in LA's pre-Christmas traffic, Elon Musk had an epiphany. In fact, he had presented the idea earlier, but since nobody took it upon themselves to actually put it to use, he decided to do it himself.

Making good use of the last few days when fiddling with your phone behind the wheel is still kind of allowed in California, he tweeted saying "Traffic is driving me nuts. Am going to build a tunnel boring machine and just start digging..."

That sounds like your typical message written in frustration that nobody should take seriously, right? Well, either Elon Musk has a much more evolve sense of humor than we would have suspected or he was dead-serious when he said that.

The hours later, he followed up that tweet with another one stating "I am actually going to do this." Then, he updated his Twitter profile to read "Tesla, SpaceX, Tunnels (yes, tunnels) & Open AI." Is it April 1 already?

Well, exploiting the ground underneath would make a lot of sense, especially since the tunnels could be layered, but it would also require a tremendous investment. Digging out mountains of dirt isn't cheap, and boring the hole is just the first step. Kitting the galleries would also cost a fortune, and even in an EV-only future, they would still have to be very well ventilated in case of a fire.

Well, even if Musk is serious about this, he might be forced to give up on the idea once he sees it's not entirely feasible. Or, being Musk and all, he might come up with an idea of how to make it feasible. If it alleviates traffic, then we're all for it, even though cancelling Christmas would also work.


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