Elon Musk, the Hat-Seller: Merchandise Sales Raise $300k for the Boring Company

Elon Musk and his companies - particularly Tesla, though - are known for their ability to burn through cash, rather than make it, but here is one of the rare occasions when the CEO actually managed to produce some money out of thin air.
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Well, more like black baseball caps with the Boring Company's logo printed on them. The world is already full of Tesla merchandise and the owners of the usually expensive EVs have no problem shelling out on a t-shirt or a hoodie, but since it lacks an actual product that people can buy, the Boring Company isn't as appealing.

Or so you'd think. It almost seems like if people could buy Elon Musk's canned farts, they would make a line outside the shop where they were sold. The man is turning into a modern metaphorical King Midas, making everything he touches incredibly desirable for a certain portion of the public.

Truth be told, people didn't flock to buy the Boring Hat because they liked its design. We're willing to bet that in most cases, it was more their way of showing their support for the initiative as well as enabling them to feel part of it once that first tunnel becomes functional.

The Boring Company started selling these a little over a month ago (on October 18, to be more exact), and now Elon Musk announced that the not-so-cheap hats (they go for $20 a pop, U.S. shipping included) have managed to raise $300,000 for the company. That means 15,000 people out there are wearing their support for Musk's drilling efforts on their heads.

What seemed to start as a joke now turned into Musk's third company after Tesla Inc. and SpaceX. The idea is to find ways to dig tunnels faster and cheaper so that one day we could have multiple layers of underground tunnels forming a vast network that frees the congested streets above. They also go hand in hand with the Hyperloop transportation method, though that would require extremely long tunnels since the pods are meant to travel at over 1,000 mph (1,610 km/h).
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