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Elon Musk Targets Internet Satellites Plans, Could Be Launched by SpaceX

He keeps changing the rules and there is nothing that will stop him from changing the world. Elon Musk’s plans on the electric vehicle industry have proved to be surprisingly smart and functional, but his plans are rather looking towards the outer space. After SpaceX won a 2.6 billion NASA contract to develop, test and fly space shuttles to carry U.S. astronauts into orbit, rumors are now he’s planning to make smaller, less-expensive satellites.
Elon Musk next to his Dragon cargo vehicle 1 photo
Elon Musk went quite a long way since its EV venture started back in 2008, with his Tesla factory now being close to producing its latest model, the Tesla Model S P85D on a big scale. After all, we’re now talking about two electric motors mounted in each axle of the luxury sedan, which make the green beast an all-wheel-drive car.

The new model comes with a jaw-dropping setup that not only is amazing for an electric car, but would turn on any petrol-fueled car lower as well. Think about it, this setup cuts the P85’s 4.2-second 0 to 60 mph (96km/h) acceleration to a amazing 3.2-second. Yes, 3.2-second. In other words, the newest Tesla car has similar performances to some really great sportscars currently on the market. When Elon Musk has an idea, you want to listen to it
You see, this is why when Elon Musk comes up with a new idea we definitely pay close attention.

We’re pretty sure you guys remember Musk’s space program SpaceX. Well, rumors are he is working with former Google executive Greg Wyler on figuring out a way to make and launch a fleet of as many as 700 satellites that would weigh less than 255lbs (115kg). We’re talking about an array more than 10 times larger than the fleet operated by the world’s leading satellite company, Iridium Communications.

With each unit sizing half than the smallest commercial device in use, the new satellites would be launched through the company Musk founded in 2002, the same that is currently a leading spaceflight company based in California. In fact, his space shuttle program proved to be that good, it actually won NASA’s prize for designing cheaper and better space shuttle. SpaceX and Boeing won NASA’s race
It was this September, when NASA has decided that Boeing and SpaceX will be the two companies to develop and run the agency’s future spaceflight vehicles. Boeing has won the bigger portion of the project, but Musk still took the other $2.6 billion to finish developing and fly the crew version of its Dragon cargo vehicle.

If the reports will be confirmed, Elon Musk could once again prove to be a game changer, only this time his brilliant mind will go beyond the boundaries of our planet, literally.


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