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Elon Musk Shares Cryptic Update on Tesla Cybertruck Final Design

We’ve all grown used to the way this billionaire deals with sharing important information, so is anyone surprised that Elon Musk is offering a Tesla Cybertruck design update in response to a group of Tesla owners making a comment on social media? Not really, so let’s take it at face value and try to make the best of it.
Elon Musk Twitter update on Tesla Cybertruck final design 9 photos
Elon Musk, the early investor, CEO and product guru of Tesla, has taken once more to social media to provide a brief update on the way things are going for the (in)famous all-electric light-duty Cybertruck. Unfortunately, there are no photos attached to it.

While the company has taken the world by storm these early days of 2021 with the controversial update of the Model S (we’re, of course, referring to the yoke-like steering wheel), the Cybertruck remains one of the most hotly anticipated novelties from the California-based company.

Musk was apparently on Twitter (when is he not?) when he noticed an interesting comment made by the Tesla Owners of Silicon Valley group that claimed the “Cybertruck will become the number 1 selling truck in America.”

Instead of taking the bold affirmation head-on, the Tesla CEO then provided an update on the truck by saying the “final design is looking Ok” and he also mentioned that he recently saw the product as he “was just in the studio.”

We can easily understand why Musk would refrain from any affirmation regarding the Cybertruck's projected sales performance. No one can deny it’s going to be an interesting model, and many will buy it either for the features or for the sheer wow factor brought by the controversial design.

But, frankly, it’s rather early even to think that Tesla’s truck would ever beat the long-running Ford F-Series. Besides, the Cybertruck’s arrival isn’t going to find a barren market that’s ready and ripe for hitting its maximum potential. Instead, Tesla’s first-ever light-duty all-electric truck is going to face stiff competition from both ends of the market as startups and legacy automakers alike are getting ready with their own contenders.

We could easily note the upcoming Rivian R1T (which could have the honor of being the first to arrive on the U.S. market come June), the Lordstown Endurance, or the Atlis XT when discussing the little companies vying for major impact. Then, let’s not forget that GMC’s Hummer EV is dropping this fall, while the Blue Oval itself is preparing the F-150 BEV to come in mid-2022.


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