Elon Musk Says “No Tesla X for You!” to “Rude Customer” (Not the Exact Phrasing)

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One of the most famous lines of the Seinfeld comedy show doesn’t belong to any of the four main characters. It was actually said by a guy not very affectionately described as the “Soup Nazi,” and it went like this: “NO SOUP FOR YOU!”
Soup isn’t just for anybody. You have to earn your right to eat soup. And it’s not even that difficult: all you have to do is respect soup and also the man who’s pouring it into the bowl and handing it over to you. It’s not that hard. You just have to behave, and one minute later the warm liquid will be passing into your stomach via your exhilarated taste buds.

But some people just can’t do it. Just like others can’t take a little bit of (admittedly acid) criticism over a launching event. Oh, yes, Elon Musk didn’t just cancel the deposit of any “rude customer,” this thing goes way back to when the electric SUV was first presented to the public.

In the role of the soup-craving man, we have Stewart Alsop, a US citizen who’s doing well enough to pre-order a $130,000 car, but who also enjoys sharing a blog post or two. Following the Model X Launch Event back in September, he wrote an open letter to Elon Musk complaining about the way it was handled. And he makes some strong points there.

Yeah, well, Elon Musk thought otherwise and decided to personally get in touch with Alsop and then cancel his $5,000 deposit. Wait, what?

If Tesla Motors wants to become one of the most respected brands in the world, it has to stop with this small-town mentality. As Alsop says in his recent post called “Banned by Tesla,” complaining (rightfully or not) about any other car in this world won’t result in a call from the CEO informing that there’s a team on its way to confiscate your car.

Just because you run a company, doesn’t mean you get to do as you please. Well, it does, it’s just that you should show refrain and be a lot more considerate. We get that Teslas are selling like hot cakes so a story like this won’t put a dent in the company’s fortunes, but it does say something about the man running it. Read Alsop’s original post and decide for yourself if he really was as “rude” as the Tesla Motors CEO described him.

Elon Musk twitted earlier today saying, “Must be a slow news day if denying service to a super rude customer gets this much attention.” No, mister Musk, it’s just that this sort of thing doesn’t happen every day. Actually, we can’t recall it EVER happening before.

Alsop’s second post, the one announcing there won’t be any Model X for him, actually sounds reconciliatory, even though he must realize that things have escalated so much that there’s no way he’s going to be driving the new SUV other than having somebody else buy it for him. But somehow we doubt he still wants to give Musk’s company his money.
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