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Elon Musk's Brother Is Giving Away His Model 3 (6th One Made) for Charity

Kimbal Musk is not as famous as his brother, which is probably why his name doesn't pop up in your mind when you think about someone educating American children on what vegetables look like and where they come from. Jamie Oliver's might, but not Kimbal Musk's.
Kimbal Musk's Model 3 1 photo
Elon Musk's brother is a Tesla board member, but he also runs his own successful business, though it's much less high-profile than his brother's. Kimbal owns a restaurant chain called The Kitchen which you can find in Boulder, Chicago, Denver, Fort Collins, and Memphis.

The thing that makes The Kitchen different from other restaurants is that it focuses as much as the food it serves as it does on where it comes from. "Real food from American farmers" means that whenever you eat there, you're not just getting delicious food, but also helping local farmers maintain their business.

Aside from The Kitchen Restaurant Group, Kimbal Musk is also involved in the Big Green non-profit organization which builds outdoor "Learning Gardens" where kids can see where their food comes from and what it looks like before making it onto the supermarket shelves.

As part of a fund-raising campaign, Kimbal is now offering his Model 3 as a special prize, with the winner selected randomly from those who contributed to the cause. You can pledge $10 for 100 entries to win, $25 for 250 entries, and $50 for 1,000 entries (double the regular amount).

Unless you pour lots of money into it, the chances are pretty slim, but then again it's not like you'd be throwing the money out the window: they will serve a very useful cause since the dietary problems of people in the U.S. are no secret.

The car is described as being customized and fully-specced, and since it's the CEO's brother and a board member we're talking about, it's not hard to imagine it's true. Here is Kimbal's own description of the prize:

“Close your eyes and imagine driving a car so smooth, you forget you’re even driving. And even if you do forget, it’s okay because that car is a Tesla Model 3 and able to drive itself. Now open your eyes and soak up the awesomeness of that car actually being yours! This isn’t just any Model 3 either—you’ll drive home in Kimbal Musk’s personal, sixth-ever-made, fully loaded Model 3. We’re talking everything from voice-activated controls and Wi-Fi/LTE connectivity to a premium audio system and LED fog lamps. Plus, the Long Range battery, which will keep you going for over 300 miles. This Tesla hasn’t been to space, but it’s still out of this world. With the taxes covered too, it’s time to buckle up and hit the road.”

There are 62 days left in the campaign (until the end of April), after which a winner will be declared.


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