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Elon Musk Proudly Announces He Will Pay $11 Bn in Taxes This Year, If You're Wondering

Is Elon Musk trying too hard to maintain his Person of the Year composure? Because the Tesla CEO has just proudly announced, via Twitter, naturally, that he will be paying $11 billion in taxes this year. And that’s “for those who are wondering.
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Twitter enthusiast first and Tesla Inc CEO second, Elon Musk has spent a lot of time this year arguing with people online about taxes. Billionaires have been targeted a lot about the lack of contribution towards the government, and, this year, the TIME magazine’s Person of the Year explained how, to pay taxes, he’d have to sell stocks. Which, obviously, everyone agreed.

The stock market saw quite a hit after his famous poll on Twitter, and the decision was for him to sell 10% of his Tesla stock. But, even though Musk sold 10.1 million Tesla shares, he still owns more than before.

But, now that he did sell the stock, he will have to pay taxes, just like he said he would. In a new post on Twitter, which is his favorite procrastination platform, he announced to everyone: “For those wondering, I will pay over $11 billion in taxes this year.

This year, he was also involved in another discussion about ending world hunger. After a tweet claiming 2% of his wealth would end world hunger, he asked for a plan on how that money would be put to use. And he got it. So far, he hasn’t acted on it.

Also featuring on the number one spot on Forbes’ richest list, he surpassed his archenemy, Jeff Bezos, again, and has a net worth of $245.1 billion. Bezos, on the other hand, has “only” $159.9 billion.

Which, according to this handy website that calculates his revenue, it would take Musk approximately two years to gain back the $11 billion in taxes. But we all know it would be much faster than that.


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