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Elon Musk Dances Like Nobody's Watching As First Cars Leave the Gigafactory

Elon Musk has once again showcased his peculiar style after he started dancing while the first Tesla cars built in the new factory started coming off the line. After a long wait, Elon can finally be happy that his latest plant is up and running, and it can now start building cars and deliver them to customers in Europe.
Elon Musk in the new Gigafactory in Berlin 9 photos
Elon Musk dancing in the new Gigafactory in BerlinTesla Giga Berlin receives its final operating permitTesla Giga Berlin receives its final operating permitGiga BerlinTrailers carrying several Tesla Model Y cars in Performance trim were spotted leaving the Gigafactory in Grünheide, near BerlinGiga Berlin’s final approval is expected by the end of the weekTesla Giga GrünheideTesla Giga Grünheide
The Gigafactory, as Tesla calls it, or Giga Berlin, if you like, is a facility that will be able to manufacture almost 500,000 vehicles a year. That is a lot of Tesla cars, so you can understand where Elon’s enthusiasm towards dancing in front of a crowd comes from. While this was no “Dancing with the Stars” moment, the 50-year-old South African-born billionaire can still dance like nobody’s looking.

For the fact that he is comfortable with himself despite a difficult-to-judge dancing ability, we salute Elon. Not that many people would be comfortable with dancing just for fun in front of all those cameras. On the other hand, not that many people are billionaires, made EVs cool, or happened to start a company that sends rockets, and even people, in Space.

So yes, Elon’s relaxation at this stage is more than understandable. If you would ask the customers who were expecting the delivery of their new Teslas, most would probably tell you that Elon could even breakdance, for all they cared, if that made him speed up Tesla production and deliveries.

The dancing took place during the delivery of the first German-made Tesla cars, which were handed over to their customers. As CNBC notes, Must was last seen dancing like this back in January 2020, when he was present for the firm’s Shanghai factory inauguration. Tesla had to mark the occasion somehow, so this event was imagined.

As with everything related to Tesla somehow, this $5.5 billion factory is not something that made everybody happy overnight. While some jobs were created, and many will stay there for numerous years, Tesla still has to iron out some issues in some of the vehicles it already made and planned to deliver.

Editor's note: For illustration purposes, the photo gallery shows images of the Tesla Gigafactory in Germany.


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