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Elite Dangerous Update 13 Brings a New Age of Thargoid Domination

Revealed last week, one of the most important Elite Dangerous updates in years, Update 13 is now available for download. The update brings the conclusion of the Azimuth Saga storyline and introduces a new plot that will shape the ecosystem of the game throughout the rest of 2022 and beyond.
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Elite Dangerous Update 13 screenshotElite Dangerous Update 13 screenshotElite Dangerous Update 13 screenshotElite Dangerous Update 13 screenshotElite Dangerous Update 13 screenshot
Aftermath, the next phase of the narrative will lead into content updates in the months to come, so players can look forward to more tidbits of information related to what happened with Salvation. Without spoiling the explosive finale of the Azimuth Saga too much (don’t watch the video if you haven’t boot-up the game after the update), the Thargoids aren’t that easy to defeat and remain a dangerous threat even after the deployment of the Proteus Wave, Salvation’s powerful Anti-Xeno weapon.

Suffice to say, the repercussions from today’s event have begun, so if you’re an Elite Dangerous veteran, you’ll have plenty of new activities to explore and targets to scan and/or eliminate.

But that’s not all! The start of Aftermath coincides with the release of Update 13 for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey and sets the stage for the future of humanity’s relationship with the Thargoids. When commanders head to the Anti-Xeno Conflict Zones in the system HIP 22460, where Salvation’s Proteus Wave was activated, they’ll witness a disastrous outcome for the alliance of the three factions.

Players who jump into the fray should now expect constant Thargoid attacks but also wrecks of numerous capital ships that can be scanned for logs. More importantly, players with Guardian technology on their ships will also find themselves compromised while in HIP 22460, with modules decaying rapidly or even being destroyed.

Last but not least, Frontiers Developments announced that following the Azimuth Saga conclusion, the way players engage with events in Elite Dangerous is changing. Currently, the Elite Dangerous base game and Odyssey exist on different code bases – 3.8 and 4.0, respectively. Going forward, to ensure the storyline can continue to expand in scope and quality, new events and gameplay elements will only be released on the 4.0 code base.

Anyone who owns a copy of Elite Dangerous on PC will be able to enjoy the benefits of the 4.0 code base, which will include updated graphics and all improvements from post-Odyssey updates around performance, UI/UX, and other features.

That means that players won’t need to own a copy of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey to access 4.0. Still, those who wish to experience the on-foot content of Odyssey, among other features, will have the option to purchase it separately. For the full patch notes of Update 13, visit Elite Dangerous’ official forums.


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