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Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Update 11 Adds Fleet Carrier Interiors and Services

If you’re an Elite Dangerous player, then you probably know that every update released by Frontiers is jam-packed with bug fixes, improvements, and new features. The most recent one, Update 11, is no exception to what has become a rule since the launch of the game.
Elite Dangerous: Odyssey key art 6 photos
Elite Dangerous: Odyssey screenshotElite Dangerous: Odyssey screenshotElite Dangerous: Odyssey screenshotElite Dangerous: Odyssey screenshotElite Dangerous: Odyssey screenshot
Elite Dangerous: Odyssey brings loads of changes to the game but focuses on adding interior environments to Drake-Class Carriers. These can be now explored by players on foot for the first time. Basically, the latest update turns Fleet Carriers into social hubs, where players can chill while watching first-person views of space.

Additionally, the new interiors provide Elite Dangerous: Odyssey players with various types of features and facilities like the ones offered at a starport or outpost concourse. Also, owners can add services on a modular basis, including Pioneer Supplies, Vista Genomics, and the Shipyard, which can be made accessible to players while on-board.

More importantly, the bartender on the Fleet Carriers will act as a fully player-driven trading post for all the resources found while on foot. Fleet Carrier owners will be able to manage this service from anywhere in the galaxy, playing the market by manipulating prices and creating or fulfilling demand.

The main areas to visit while on foot on Fleet Carriers are the main concourse and hangar lobby, the Command Deck with an additional area for the owner and their Wing, as well as a seating area for safe Fleet Carrier jumps. As far as the optional areas and services, these are the Bar that we already mentioned, the Vista Genomics service desk, the Pioneer Supplies store, and the Shipyard access point.

Besides the new Fleet Carrier changes included in Update 11, Frontier added a new Protect mission type to the game, which promises to offer additional first-person combat challenges to complete. These are available from mission givers and mission boards in the game. As the name suggests, players who tackle Protect mission must defend a specific objective at a given location for a reward they will receive after the area is clear.

These are just some of the most important new features added to the game, but Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Update 11 includes many more changes, so make sure to check out the full patch notes.


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