Elegant and Fully Customizable Waterscape Platform Is Your Own Private Island

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Photo: Florian Groehn for Waterscape
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In the spirit of summer and getting out more, especially since most folks have been cooped up in their homes for the last year, I thought it’d be nice to show you what the rich are up to these days. In particular, how they like to live out their water-loving fantasies.
What you have before you is known as the Waterscape. It’s a product aimed at forever changing how people live their lives on water. Having a look on the manufacturer’s website, it quickly becomes clear that this team isn’t just making a product, they’ve set out to give a whole level of attraction to water-based activities.

The team behind the floating platform you see is known as Superior, but the two minds behind the Waterscape are John Hogan and Alexander Lotersztain, two gentlemen with extensive marine background. Since 2012 these two minds have been hard at work creating the product you see.

Waterscape Platform
Photo: Florian Groehn for Waterscape
The idea isn’t just to extend an already existing lifestyle, rather, the Waterscape looks to bring new meaning to waterfront real estate. Imagine for a moment what an elitist club, café, or restaurant you could make with such an invention? All I want in exchange for these ideas is 0.75% of quarterly profits.

Now, Waterscape isn’t just a platform on which you just wait for someone to come pick you up, no. This invention is more a modular one. Because the Waterscape can be equipped with everything from couches to a sort of electric generator, you can basically create a bedroom on here and fall sleep being rocked by waves. Hang on a sec, I'm getting ahead of myself.

Aimed at both commercial and personal use, this product is meant to be both easy to use, but also highly customizable. Let’s say you’re having some friends over for a special evening, and you’ve recently acquired a Waterscape. Imagine the reaction they’ll have when they see you’ve basically set up your living room outside...on the docks. Think of the impression you’ll make on a second date.

Waterscape Platform
Photo: Florian Groehn for Waterscape
Living room aside, another intended use for the platform is that of being a transitional point between land and sea. Since it’s floating on water, the Waterscape is also able to serve as a loading and unloading point (dock) for people taking cruises, or boarding vessels that can’t get too close to the shore. The team even equips the Waterscape with cleats to secure a craft.

Aside from those two purposes, this platform is designed to be whatever you want it to. You can set up a yoga studio on it (0.75% applies to this idea as well), a tea or café, even a little private nightclub seems fitting for the design, why not a little reading room.

To help you design your own Waterscape, you’ll need some features, and since lugging your old couch might seem a bit out of the question (isn’t it?), the manufacturer includes an array of options to customize your party deck. From a colorful LED fender that wraps around the entire structure, to a corner seat or bench and storage options like coolers for goods in case of a bar-be-que, your ability to personalize this platform is endless. There's also a waterproof “power pedestal” that acts as a juice box for electronic features.

Waterscape Platform LED Trim
Photo: Florian Groehn for Waterscape
Yes, you could very well bring a grill, some charcoal, a five-star chef, and just wait for your freshly caught fish to be prepared right in front of you. Just don’t be scared when you see a scuba diver coming out of the water with a spear. That's a restaurant idea right there, so you know what that means, 0.75%.

Let’s be honest. Not everyone needs some luxurious yacht to relax and enjoy water-loving activities. Some folks just like to relax and listen to the sounds of wine glasses clinking while enjoying some relaxation time.
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