Electronauts Looking for Unique BMW i3 Models to Replace their Test Cars

The term “Electronaut” was coined by the guys from BMW to name the people involved in testing for the development of the new i brand from Bavaria. These were the guys (and girls) that drove MINI-E and ActiveE cars for over five years to see how they got along with EVs and what they needed.
BMW Mi3 1 photo
All that info was gathered and studied to make the best possible EV, materialized into the i3. Now, as the car they’ve been gathering info for has been officially released, their cars will be taken away.

However, BMW didn’t forget about their service and decided to offer them a limited edition “Electronaut” i3. What this model would have on it to make it special is unknown for now but the Germans will surely show their appreciation some way.

Tom Moloughney, from Tom’s ActiveEMobility blog, one of the original electronauts, shared his point of view on the matter earlier this week. He makes a pretty good point, even offering some solutions as to what BMW should offer, that don’t sound bad at all.

If you’re one of the electronauts, I recommend you read his post. It’s quite interesting and you can make your own suggestions, as BMW will surely watch his blog and take things into consideration.


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