Electrify America Copies Tesla's Pricing Model, Big Changes Coming for Pass+ Members

Electrify America is changing how it charges EV owners for using its network. In a move that aims to take advantage of the dynamic electricity market and stop Tesla owners from blocking non-NACS EVs that need electrons, the VW-owned company is updating more than just its pricing model. Here's what's going to happen.
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Volkswagen and Siemens invest in Electrify AmericaVolkswagen and Siemens invest in Electrify AmericaVolkswagen and Siemens invest in Electrify AmericaVolkswagen and Siemens invest in Electrify AmericaVolkswagen and Siemens invest in Electrify America
More owners of electric vehicles (EVs) that aren't Teslas living in large cities or crowded areas have been facing a frustrating phenomenon for quite a while – Superchargers sit nearly empty while customers of the now Texas-based brand take advantage of Electrify America stalls. That's poised to upset people who bought EVs and got free high-power charging for one, two, or three years after the acquisition.

BMW, Lucid, and Hyundai offer such a perk to their new buyers. Understandably, not finding a place to take advantage of the free energy plans and replenish their vehicles' energy storage units at a fast rate can be irritating.

An increasing number of Tesla owners prefer to use Electrify America DC fast chargers because their network has dynamic pricing. That means plugging into a Supercharger may be much costlier than using the charging network born out of the Dieselgate scandal.

Besides that, Electrify America stalls are also often occupied by people who treat charging places as parking spots. The company eliminated idling fees some time ago while updating its operating software. Sadly, towing is not really an option in most areas.

But things will soon change.

Volkswagen and Siemens invest in Electrify America
Electrify America notified customers via email that starting August 17, 2023, a station-specific cost model will replace their uniform pricing strategy. Tesla currently does this, which is why Supercharger values per kWh or minute fluctuate. The price of electricity is also different during 24 hours, and most homeowners or tenants know that using power during some intervals can cost more.

This move makes perfect sense and is an excellent way of eliminating the worry that Tesla owners might occupy Electrify America stalls when Superchargers are available. EV owners on various free plans will enjoy the new policy.

For others, however, things could be looking better. The company says the station-specific prices will be available in the dedicated app but warns prospective customers to check the charger display before plugging in. That is how they will know for sure how much the per-kWh or the per-minute rate is. So, if you're not on a manufacturer-sponsored plan, you should always double-check before starting charging. The app might not always be correct.

Moreover, from August 17 onwards, nobody should continue treating Electrify America charging spaces as parking spots – the idling fees return! Most stalls will charge forgetful EV owners around $0.40 per minute or more 10 minutes after the charging ends.

For those EV users who have not benefited from a deal, the Pass+ subscription will almost double in price – from $4 to $7 a month. But they will get a guaranteed 25% discount on the cost shown on the stall's display. Until August 17, Pass+ subscribers will still benefit from a fixed price and the lower price.

Those not willing to agree with the new policy can cancel. If you wish to continue paying the monthly Pass+ fee and enjoy the updated perks, you won't have to do anything. The payments will continue as before but with the new rates.

The charging provider last updated its costs four months ago.

Now, all Electrify America must do is fix its charging network's reliability nationwide. It'll have the necessary funds.
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