Electric Tech Is Getting Cheaper and Better, and That Means E-Bikes Like the Roadster V2

As time goes on, a couple of things happen: technology advances, and the same tech gets cheaper. This seems to be the case for just about any industry, including urban mobility. In this spirit, we’ll be taking a gander at a simple, capable, and affordable e-bike.
Roadster V2 (Gravel Edition) 9 photos
Photo: Ride1Up
Roadster V2 (Gravel Edition)Roadster V2 (Gravel Edition)Roadster V2 (Gravel Edition)Roadster V2Roadster V2Roadster V2Roadster V2Roadster V2
Folks, there are plenty of mobility trinkets out there that promise to be your next get-around-town ride. However, few have seen as much attention as the bicycle. But, these days, you can go out and buy a machine that’s electrified.

However, most electric vehicles seem to cost an arm and a leg, and e-bikes are no exception. So, to combat this notion and put an e-bike in the hands of as many people as possible, Ride1Up, a bicycle manufacturer out of San Diego, California, set out to create affordable and dependable machines at a price that leaves most others in the dust.

For example, the Roadster V2 we’re looking at today is a city-destined machine that rolls in with a price tag of 1,045 USD (957 EUR at current exchange rates). How is something like this possible? Well, that’s what this article is all about: what you’ll be getting for this sort of cash.

Because V2 is an e-bike that’s not meant for anything other than city streets, it’s defined by specific parameters, and those parameters mold the entire bike, from frame design to components. But the main aspect that drew my attention to this bike is the sleek tubing and geometry. Heck, you can’t even tell that there’s a battery hidden in the down tube. That elegant body design is also in tune with current trends and people riding fixies all over the place.

Roadster V2
Photo: Ride1Up
Now, tube design aside, it’s essential to look at the components responsible for helping you zoom across town. The battery I mentioned is nothing more than a 36 V 7 Ah battery, so this means that you won’t be riding with electric assistance for very long, only up to 30 miles (48 km) under peak conditions. If you don’t deliver food or packages with your bike, this should be fine for quick daily trips.

Speaking of quick, I like speed, don’t you? It seems that Ride1Up feels the same way, and with a rear hub motor with a peak of 500 W, you’ll be able to zip around town at speeds up to 24 mph (38 kph) with pedal assist. San Diego is a rather hilly city, so to help you dominate this type of terrain, you’ll find 40 Nm (29.5 lb-ft) of torque to help you up hills.

Since the bike is set up with a single-speed belt drive, you may need to hop off and carry your bike the rest of the way if the hill is too steep. With a total weight of no more than 33 lbs (14.9 lbs), around half of most other trinkets on the streets, that should be a breeze.

Roadster V2 \(Gravel Edition\)
Photo: Ride1Up
As I mentioned earlier, building a bike for the streets means certain limits, and one thing you can clearly see is a lack of suspension. Since the drops you encounter are no bigger than a curb’s height, the tires should do just fine in helping reduce vibrations and soften your ride. The aluminum frame should also flex a tad as you ride. With brakes applied directly to the rims, the simple and sleek cues of the bike just continue.

Now, imagine yourself riding around town on the V2. Your position is one meant for speed. The bike’s shapes and tubes are also meant for speed. But the frame also reminds us of another type of bicycle, those destined for gravel. So, as an option, you can let Ride1Up know that you also hit the occasional gravel terrain, and they’ll equip your V2 accordingly, inclusive of a Gates carbon drivetrain, disc brakes, and a higher price of 1,245 USD (1,138 EUR). If you must make it to the office without dirtying your suit, drop a pair of fenders on the sucker, and off you go.

If you’re looking to get into the e-bike game with a simple, fast, and affordable machine, the Roadster V2 is one you could consider. After all, with some of the money you have left over, you could really customize your V2. Just imagine a tiny subculture of these things.
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