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Electric Motorsports Introduces Electric Motorbike

You just knew this was coming, after all those electric car concepts and hybrids, it was about time someone put that technology into bikes as well. Meet the Electric GPR-S, a cool looking bike that is also gonna be easy on your pockets at the gas pump.

Unlike its car siblings, this bike actually looks, dare we say it, normal. Whereas electric cars look not only outlandish and futuristic but sometimes downright ugly, this motorcycle manages to stay true to the overall shape of the concept.

Even cooler is the fact that the technology allows for interchangeable battery units that can easily fit in every model. Also, when the next generation of batteries comes out, you wont' have to buy a new bike, just the power unit and stick it in your old hog.

This bike is built around a powder-coated steel frame with an aluminum swing arm. The top speed is 60-70 mph and a range of 35 to 60 miles which makes the perfect vehicle for commuters. An interesting concept is that the power will last also according to the rider's weight. Charging the battery takes about 4 hours with the standard charger and 1.5 hours if you use the speed charger with the integrated BMS.

Surely you are by now interested enough to make a purchase. In this case, you should know that a bike like this retails for 10-12 thousand dollars, depending on the type of the batteries used. They are sold by the Electric Motorsports, a small Oakland company that only employs 8 people.

They hope to sell 100 bikes by the end of the year and later move up to a 500 a month pace with the help of an Asian company which will supply the parts. This has the potential to grow into a big trend so you'd better get yours today.


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