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Electric Jaguar XJ Rendering Looks Retro-Modern

Jaguar fixed some reliability issues and is keeping its customers happier than the Germans, according to some studies. But the writing is on the wall, sedans aren't selling, and the company needs to get with the electric car program.
Electric Jaguar XJ Rendering Looks Retro-Modern 2 photos
Electric Jaguar XJ Rendering Looks Retro-Modern
The EV future of the iconic XJ flagship sports sedan has already been confirmed by the company. The replacement model is due to feature a new 90.2 kWh battery pack, which wouldn't be far off the best Tesla Model S.

But we're a little sad to see the XJ change in this way. There's nothing quite like driving a good Jaguar, especially if it comes with their 5-liter V8 motor. It's so much more fun, and the design feels flamboyant considering the current generation dates back to 2009.

The XJ has been around since your grandpa was a strapping young man, 51 years ago, so Jaguar couldn't just give up the nameplate. It's working on a J-Pace SUV to make the big money, but electricity could be a viable option to boost sales.

Jaguar's first electric car, the I-Pace crossover, may not have the best specs in the business, but it's probably the most interesting design. It basically doesn't look like any other car, and we expect the same ideas to affect the next XJ.

This rendering from Russian website Kolesa mixes the old with the new to offer a probable appearance for the next XJ. The grille gets the same treatment as the I-Pace, while the LED headlights seem futuristic and expensive. Flush-fitting door handles are a must, but everything else is a bit conventional.

Why the exhaust pipes? Well, it's our understanding that conventionally-powered version of the XJ will later become available as well, helping Jaguar meet certain sales targets. It's not yet clear how the company plans to make a car with both the space for underfloor batteries and large V8s, but we just hope something as fun as the XJR will still be available.


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