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Electric Herbie The Love Bug Is an Imagined VW Beetle Movie Star

For all intents and purposes, a machine that has been around making history for decades has exited the scene. The Volkswagen Beetle was officially pulled off the assembly lines in 2019, and chances of it ever coming back as a production version are close to zero.
Electric Herbie the Love Bug 1 photo
Yet the Beetle name will forever live on in the hearts of those who have developed a crush on it, and in the handful of movies and other forms of modern art it has been the star of.

One of the films that once helped the Beetle be even greater is The Love Bug. Very few of us remember it, as it was made back in 1968, and it didn't age well, generally speaking, but it did spawn a sort of cult following.

Chosen by Disney for the flick because it was the only one of a larger bunch of cars, that also included Toyotas and Volvos, to make the filming crew reach out and pet it, the Beetle became the star of the movie as a vehicle with human traits, doing racing, driving and generally enchanting everyone around it, as Beetles have been known to do. And it was named Herbie.

Just like with the Beetle, there are currently no plans that we know of to bring The Love Bug back on the screen (the last attempt was made back in 1997), but if someone did think of doing it, the rendered electric Beetle we have here is the solution the guys over at British insurance company Money are proposing.

Sporting the iconic colors of the original Herbie, and the number 53 on the body panels (originally chosen by one of the movie producers who liked Los Angeles Dodgers’ number 53, Don Drysdale), the revived Beetle is envisioned as an electric car, as all future movies cars will probably be sooner than later.


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