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Electric G-class Could Be Revealed As Early As September

It is no secret that Mercedes-Benz is planning to build and sell an electric version of the G-Class. The new model could be publicly revealed as early as September 2021, which means it can be seen at the IAA show held in Munich.
2023 Mercedes EQG rendering 7 photos
2023 Mercedes EQG rendering2023 Mercedes EQG rendering2023 Mercedes EQG rendering2023 Mercedes EQG rendering2023 Mercedes EQG rendering2023 Mercedes EQG rendering
The first official electric version of the G-Class will be called EQG, and at least two versions of it will be available, the EQG 560 and the EQG 580. The latter will come with more power and more range, while the former will still have plenty of range and more than enough power to get the job done.

The top-of-the line model at launch would come with 522 HP and a 108-kWh battery, according to insider information. Naturally, it will drive all its four wheels, including the 560 model, which does not happen for the EQS, the donor of the electric powertrain for the EQG.

Its boxy shape and high frontal area will lead to a smaller range estimate than that of the EQS, which goes as high as 770 kilometers (478 miles). Some insiders believe that the EQG could get a rating of about 500 kilometers (310 miles) on a single charge with the WLTP driving cycle. Only the market can decide if that would be enough or not. After all, the G-Class's fuel economy is not the reason people buy it, and this will not change for the EQG.

On the inside, the EQG could get the fancy new MBUX Hyperscreen of the Mercedes EQS. However, that would involve significant modifications to the dash, HVAC system, and even the removal of the passenger grab handle, which has been with the G-Class since its introduction.

The Mercedes EQG might reach the market as early as 2022, but other sources claim it will reach showrooms in 2024. Regardless, it will reportedly start at around 130.000 euros ($154,000) in Germany when it will be available, which is not cheap.

Along with the EQG, Mercedes-Benz is expected to display the EQE at the 2021 IAA Show. The latter will be an all-electric version of the E-Class, while some rumors even announce the EQB, which is supposed to be an electric variant of the GLB, the crossover with boxy styling that is even available in a three-row, seven-seat, configuration.

Editor's note: Photo gallery shows CGI artist's render of Mercedes EQG'.


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