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Electric Dodge Challenger Looks Confused, Probably Cannot Find the Socket

‘Anyone got a charger (pun intended) for a Dodge muscle car?’ is probably the upcoming norm at drag strips all over the country, as the future of the Chevy Camaro and Ford Mustang rival is electric.
Dodge Challenger Electric - Rendering 7 photos
Dodge Challenger Electric - RenderingDodge Challenger Electric - RenderingDodge Challenger Electric - RenderingDodge Challenger Electric - RenderingDodge Challenger Electric - RenderingDodge Challenger Electric - Rendering
This is not a maybe, but a certainty, as it has been confirmed by the Stellantis-owned brand on multiple occasions. They won’t build any ICE-powered versions after 2023, as we recently found out, subsequent to a rumor that turned out to be misleading, claiming that the V8 will live on next to the EV variants.

With the electric muscle car from Dodge being on everyone’s lips these days, kdesignag on Instagram set out to imagine how it might look like, starting with the current Challenger, which is already an aging product, having blown 14 candles off its birthday cake earlier this year.

It is clear that its overall shape is identical to that of the third-generation, bar a few tweaked things here and there. The biggest change revolves around the front end, where it sports a full-width light bar, closed-off grille as there isn’t a sonorous lump to cool anymore, flat hood, and apron. The Widebody configuration of the hypothetical vehicle is defined by the fender flares.

Out back, it looks about the same as the current Challenger, save for the fact that it doesn’t feature any exhaust pipes (d’oh!). The diffuser piece is different, and there is a trunk lid spoiler too. Various emblems bedeck the red body of the muscle car, which also sports some black decals on the sides, stretching from the front to the rear quarter panels. The wheels have a silver finish and spin around the yellow brake calipers.

Before calling it a story and moving on to the next topic, we have to tell you that the actual electric Challenger will look different, yet only time will tell just how different.


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