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Electric Bugatti Concept Looks Like a Chiron Successor

"Hey, aren't we still pretty far from the moment when Bugatti introduces a successor for the Chiron?" I hear a part of the audience asking. Well, of course we are, since the move might come after 2025. However, the concept sitting before us gives us an idea of a potential direction the Molsheim brand might choose to pursue.
Electric Bugatti Concept 1 photo
First of all, allow me to point out that we're dealing with an older sketch, albeit one that has now been given a splash of color by Matteo Mariuzzo.

We're talking about a designer that forms the last part of Chris Bangle Associates, the independent studio that the controversial penning master focused on after leaving BMW.

And while some might expect an even more futuristic styling language for a car that's expected to debut in the second half of next decade, we have to keep in mind that Bugatti's tradition needs to be displayed on its cars.

Then there's the idea of electric propulsion. Stephan Winkelmann, who now helms Bugatti after having led Lamborghini through the Urus era, has already made one thing clear: Molsheim wouldn't say no to a full EV, but the carmaker isn't interested in a hybrid.

Of course, the said launch date also involves advances in battery technology. For now, brands like Bugatti or Rolls-Royce are steering clear of electrification due to the limitations of the current hardware, since this is a notion its customers are not familiar with.

And while Lamborghini might have turned to supercapacitors for the recently-introduced Sian, this solution offers shorts bursts of power, whereas a Bugatti would require hardware capable of sustaining long-distance cruises at high speed.

So perhaps the refining of solid batteries or another technology from this field will allow the automotive producer to offer an electric model in the future.


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